Friday, 21 December 2012

The end of Autumn

I took these a few weeks ago on The Stray in Harrogate, but have only just got round to looking at them.

I realise that these posts are not in any particular order, but I'm new to this and didn't think it through properly before I started! I should start to sort it out soon ...

I wanted to try and show the autumn colours on The Stray in Harrogate, and I just love the way the X Pro1 captures colours. This camera is such fun to use, but I didn't realise quite how lazy I had got using my old Sony DSLR. I used to set it up in Aperture Priority, ISO100 and pretty much forget about everything else. That is NOT the way to use this camera (although you could, but whats the point of that!). Its making me think more about the exposure, depth of field and shutter speed - which is great. All these things are part of the creative process and should be thought about.