Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Back to the start ...

After a lot of saving and selling my beloved Bianchi bike I still didn't have enough money to buy an X Pro1, but then the boffins at Fuji came out with the XE1. I really wanted the optical viewfinder, but couldn't justify the extra money. While waiting for the launch and reading every review I could, the sneaky guys at Fuji offered a free lens with the X Pro1 ... an offer I convinced my wife was too good to miss!

A trip to Bass and Bligh in Harrogate and the order was placed - X Pro1 with 18-55 lens, and I would get the 35/1.4 free! A week later I had the camera but no lens, so Bass and Bligh kindly lent me the 18/2.

The weather wasn't great but that weekend I had try it out and just loved how it worked and the images. The windfarm was my first trial run.