Sunday, 3 November 2013

Roseberry Topping

We planned to have a day off on Friday and go somewhere to take to images, but as with most plans, the weather seemed to conspire against us.

We woke up to the rain lashing down, and a very unpromising forecast. We didn't want to waste the day, so a long overdue visit to Northallerton and the Joe Cornish gallery seemed the best idea.

After being inspired by Joe's images, and seeing a small break in the clouds, we headed for one of Joe's favourite places, and somewhere I've only driven past - Roseberry Topping.

We were rewarded with a fabulous sunset, and I took as more images facing away from Roseberry Topping than of the Topping itself! Shooting towards the sun with X Pro1 was no problem - the lack of flare, and the ability to pick out the detail amazes me!